With Siriusfn, you can make profit trading a wide range of financial instruments, including futures for various goods.

Futures is a contract that obliges both parties to sell or buy an asset at a predetermined price, at a specified date in future; in first place, they were created to protect farmers’ interests. Goods, for which futures contracts are concluded, can be “hard” - raw materials, fuels, precious and industrial metals, techniques and equipment, etc., and so-called “soft” - clothing, food and agriculture products (cereals, fruits and vegetables, coffee, sugar etc.). Usually the buyer will purchase a certain asset and the seller will trade it at a set price at a specified date. The deal participants either make a deal according to the contract within a predetermined time frame or resell their obligations at a good price before the contract date expires and thus gain their profit.

Siriusfn offers profitable conditions for trading futures, such as low spreads, prompt orders execution, leverage up to 1:300, and so on. Also, MetaTrader 4 terminal is provided to the company’s account holders. This powerful multifunctional platform is popular all over the world because of numerous advantages.

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