Trading energy sources with Siriusfn is highly profitable business. Energies such as oil and gas are highly volatile and liquid. These commodities are absolutely necessary for industries and all spheres of everyday people’s life, which makes them being constantly in demand. The prices on energies depend on many factors: political and economical situation in countries, ecology, etc., and can be predicted with help of market analysis.

Such assets as oil, natural gas, heating oil and gasoline, and many others, can be traded by individuals nowadays. Moreover, you can start earning on speculating this type of financial instruments with a small starting capital.

Siriusfn offers its clients to trade energy sources at adventurous conditions, which include:

  • low market spreads;
  • high leverage - up to 1:300
  • prompt order executions;
  • absence of re-quotes;
  • around-the-clock analytical and technical support at all stages of work.

Also, our company implements innovate trading technologies. We provide our clients one of the most powerful and convenient trading platform MetaTrader 4. On our website you can download its versions for all types of gadgets and different operating systems. A web version of the platform is also available.

You can start gaining profit trading on energy sources with Siriusfn by pressing the button below.

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