Demo Account

The opening of a demo account with Siriusfn gives you a chance to trade on Forex market with virtual money. Trading with this type of account will provide you with plenty of experience, and at the same time, you don’t have to use your own funds for this.

With it you will:

  • train to use our trading terminal;
  • learn how to make deals in real time;
  • learn to analyze the market tendencies;
  • practice to use trading strategies, and so on.

You will be able to follow the market tendencies in a real-time mode and in real markets, see the price fluctuations, and analyze this or that market sector. That is why it is especially recommended to use for beginners, or in case you decided to change your trading style.

If you are an experienced trader, registering a demo account provides you a chance to:

  • upgrade your trading skills in the financial market;
  • get practice in trading a new instrument;
  • master your skills and knowledge in the technical and fundamental analysis;
  • develop your own trading strategies and try it in real time mode before implementing with real money;
  • learn the newest trading technologies.

Opening a demo account with Siriusfn is easy: you can just click on a button below and fill in the registration form.

Start your successful Forex career today!

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