Currency Pairs

Siriusfn offers its clients access to the world’s largest financial market – Forex. There, you can trade the most liquid assets in the world – currency pairs. Currency trading is an ideal tool for instant earning because of the range of exchange rates is very wide and reasons for price fluctuations arise every day.

Registering a real account with Siriusfn, you can trade more than 50 currency pairs of 3 types:

  • major;
  • cross-pairs;
  • exotic pairs.

The choice of a trading tool depends on your market experience, trading style, and personal market preferences.

The EUR/USD pair is a top favorite among traders. More than 70% of the Forex deals are carried out through this trading tool. Other highly liquid currency pairs, cross-pairs, such as GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/JPY have quite a narrow band of daily fluctuations. More experienced traders use exotic pairs.

Siriusfn provides you the most convenient trading conditions: low spreads, the absence of requotes, and professional analytical support.

Start earning your profit just now in the world’s largest financial market with a reliable broker.

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